Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crash Hansons'

Our poor boysL They really don’t stand a chance with us two accident prone parents. I’ll start the stories behind my scars then Johnny’s. The first one I got I don’t remember cause I was just a toddler. I was dancing around our house in Texas when I clipped my forehead on a door knob. It was just my dad watching me while the BYU football game was on. When I went crying for help he picked me up, held me, and let me cry it out till I fell asleep. Later when mom came home she saw a lot of blood on my dad’s shirt. Opps. Then when I was five I was in our neighbors back yard tree. Lets just say it’s not a good idea to get out of a tree head first. Luckily I held my arms out to save my head but ended up braking both arms. Even at five I knew how to work it. I had bright neon pink casts and I asked my dad for two cookies for a little girl with two broken armsJ . Later that same year I thought it would be fun to sit on the arm of a chair but the chair had other plans. It tip over and I fell bottom first through our glass window. Because it was Memorial day weekend the ER was so busy they had to operate on me on a stretcher in the hall. I remember grapping my moms necklace pulling her down to me and screaming in her ear. Sorry Mom. So a got a bunch of neon blue stitches and to this day still have a huge scar on my right butt cheek. One of my nick names became Crash Jacobs!

Like all kids in middle school I was being dumb running around the band room (actually I was running after a boy) and in mid chase he pushed a band stand right into my upper lip. I remember trying to be brave but it hurt so bad. I tried hiding it at first but when my friends kept asking me they took one look and the rushed me into the nurses office, called mom and off to the doctor I went again to get stitches. Now there’s a scar in-between my upper lip and nose. Then SR year in high school I can now say I’ve lived through a train accident. I was the passenger in my ex-boyfriends truck driving to his house after school. Out on Tilly road in Tenino there are train tracks that until that day I had never seen a train use them ever. There weren’t even arms to come down to warn us. There are now. I remember yelling, ”TRAIN”, pushing my ex back into his seat with my left arm, sliding into the moving train, and then I black out for about 1 or 2 min. The train was coming from my direction so if we where there a sec or two sooner it would have hit me and I wouldn’t be hear. There’s lot’s more to this story but that’s for some other time. Or I can tell you if you’d like, just send me a message. No scares, just memories. Oh and it was my first time in the back of an ambulance.

Now onto Johnny. Last weekend I found out he’s the only one in his family to get stitches and be in the back of an ambulance. His first scar was when he was 9 and he tried to balance on a garden bed wall and walk at the same time. Something happened and he fell and a stick went right through his right cheek. In one side out the other. If you look in pictures it looks like when he’s smiling there’s a dimple on his right cheek when really it’s the scare from the stick. We call it his permanent dimple. Then when he was 19 a few days before he was leaving for his mission like all older brothers was giving his little sister Kristy a hard time. Just picking on her of course. I think he was calling her pie sniffer. She yelled out,” I hope you die” of course not really meaning it. Later that night when Johnny was eating chicken he choked on some. It was stuck in his throat and he had to take the ambulance to the ER. They had to go down into his throat to remove it. To this day he was trouble eating dry meat. We’ve been to the ER once when he choked on a corn dog during lunch at work.

In his sophomore year at college while on the basketball team I was sitting there watching my starter husband play when some guy on the other team came down and elbowed him right on top of his head. He turned so the back of his head was facing the crowd when you heard a bunch of “HUHHH”’s and He’s bleeding. I’ve never seen so much blood. He placed his hand on his head and left a print of his hand. I got to drive him to the ER where they stapled his head. That same year at a weekend tournament he again got elbowed in-between the eyes and the ref called a foul on Johnny. Really? He’s again bleeding all over and he got the foul? He didn’t get stitches but looking back he should have. Oh and lets not forget that neither of us should ever play a sport without on ankle brace since those always are getting sprained.

So it’s no wonder that JD already has a scare on his ankle from my foot scrubber in the bath, and one under his eye. Oh and the fact that every week he’s got a new scab somewhere. Poor kid L Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to out do Mom and Dad in accident stories.
Me with my broken arms!

Monday, June 27, 2011

5 years

Just doing a real quick update on us Hansons! On the 17th Johnny and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. It’s crazy how fast time goes by, but then again it seems so long ago. Johnny’s sister Denise took the boys over night for us and we had our first real date since William was born. Dinner, movie, and the night alone. It was Williams first night away from home and I hear he did good. JD of course and a great time. Today JD is with his Aunt Kristy getting spoiled.
JD and William both love the same movie Tangled. At first I might have pushed it on them because I love it but now I’m sick of it. They watch it at least once a day. At least if there’s anything I want to get done all I have to do is pop in the movie and they zone into it.
My sister-in-law Kandy’s brother is getting married in Guatemala and her soon-to-be sister in law is about the same size as me and wanted to know if she could borrow my wedding dress. It was a lot of fun to put my dress on again for pictures but the best part was after two boys I still fit in it. YAY!!!!! So other then that we’ve been a happy little family still waiting for the weather to become summer. Come on Washington the rest of the U.S. gets it. Time for you to get above 75 please!!!!
Just thought this was a cute picture!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Raccoons are out to EAT MY FACE!!!

To start my little story off I have NEVER seen a wild Raccoon until I married Johnny and became a Hanson. My first encounter with the devils sidekicks happened about three years ago. I was out late at my parents house and drove back to our 1st apt in Lacey. I got out of the car and there it was. Staring me down. I slowly started to backed away when he stood on his legs and hissed at me. I freaked out and ran for the door. In my hasting I turned around and there it was following me. Chasing me down to eat my face off. As soon as I was safe inside I called Johnny to tell him to watch out for the killer. When he arrived home later that same night, the Devil chased him into the building too.

So the next day I went to work and told my co-worker/friend about the killer raccoon. She laughed at me and thought I was just being silly. Yeah right. Why would raccoons chase a person down. I thought the same thing too. Later that day I was working on a deposit for a business when the guy points at the window behind my teller station and says, ”Wow! You don’t see them out in the daytime much.” I turn around and who happens to be hanging from a tree branch looking at me. That’s right a evil raccoon. So now is when they become officially out to eat my face off.(Or so I picture it)
The next night I run into that first raccoon again. This time I stay in my car until I know he cant see me and sneak away. The next week I get a call from my friend/co-worker telling me that there where three raccoons living in the roof of the bank and I think one flew through the roof. Then she knew too and I thought from the start. My next run in with the devil was when Johnny and I went camping. In the middle of the night we hear a noise outside the tent. Like the super brave man he is, Johnny sent me out as live bait first. There it was, eyes reflecting in my flash light. It made off with my snikerdooles.
It's mooning me

Over the past three years I’ve had numbers of run in with as I now call them little Satan but my recent story happen this week. At the beginning of the week I was out in the yard weeding when JD started saying “CAT.” He said it a few times before I turned around and it was no “CAT”. I ran to grab Johnny’s bat and chase it away. JD thought I was weird and so did Satan. They both just looked at me. I finally stared down the beast but he made a silent vow to come back and finish his brothers work of eating my face off. Yesterday he returned, waiting for me to come out at night. I went to the car to get some water out of the back. He caught me off guard. I yelled and ran inside. Johnny went for his be be gun but it was to dark. Satan ran off laughing at me I’m sure.
Today I got a little of my revenge on the evil creatures called raccoons. I went outside to put cans in the recycle bin when on my way back inside our cat Scratch and Satan where having some silent words to each other.(Or at least they were in my head). Scratch was telling it to leave me alone while Satan wasn’t listening of course. This time it was still daylight. I yelled for Johnny and my hero grab the gun and shoot it three times. While it was running away. I love my Raccoon shooting hero J
Did I finally get rid of Satan’s helpers or did I just sign my own face eating by having my hero protect me. We’ll just have to wait and see…………..

Sunday, May 22, 2011

JD's Birthday!!!

It’s hard for me to believe but yes JD is officially Two Years Old! May 18th is his date of birth but since it was on a Wednesday this year we had his birthday party on Sat May 21. The fun part is that May 21 happens to be my Dad’s birthday. So When making cupcakes for JD I made my Dad’s cake. For as long as I can remember Dad’s cake has been lemon with chocolate icing. One time I was so excited for his cake I keep yelling,” Cut the cake, cut the cake, cut the cake.” Then Dad did the most surprising thing. He chopped it in half with is hand. Cake chunks went flying everywhere. We were all busted up in laughter.
Back to JD’s day. We had it at my parents house and yes it was of course Spider-Man themed! I wasn’t expecting quite so many people. It was a little crowded but so nice to have everyone there. JD at first loved being the center of attention. He blew one of the candles out right away but took a few tries for the second. Grandma helped with that. Then it was present time. JD didn’t get that he had more then one present. After opening one he wanted to play with That toy. It was the only time all day he threw a fit. So hard to be so little and have so many new toys at once. The one toy that he had to have right away was a new bike that looked like a motorcycle! I had to force him off it to open the rest of his gifts. In all I want to thank everyone who came and it was an amazing day! I love JD so much and yes he is growing up to fast!

Monday, May 2, 2011


“Spider-JD, Spider-JD, Does what-ever a Spider can….” Not really but he sure thinks he can. Many may know how Spider-Man came to be but here’s the story of Spider-JD . JD started off the typical little boy. Running here and there, all around the house saying “catch me if you can..” Wait wrong story that’s frosty the snow man. Where was I oh yes Spider-JD. It really started for him before birth. Un-be-known to him, his father grew up loving Spider-Man. Still has a rather large collection of his comics to this day. So before JD could even say Spider-Man he was forced into the Spidey world. Naturally like his father he soon learned the joy of Spider-man!
Now JD needed “muscles” to fill out his outfit. The fastest way to build muscle was to walk the mean looking, giant of a beast by the name of Huck! Not really. Huck is a family friends dog who is the biggest softy ever. The gentle giant as he’s known. This picture was just to cute not to share.
Once JD fit into the costume the real struggle was getting him out. Now it’s not only getting him out but hiding it so he doesn’t wear it all the time. Oh and last little Spider-JD note once he’s in the outfit all he wants to hear is the spider man song over, and over. So if ever you find your way in a sticky spot,” Watch out! Here comes the Spider-JD”

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Bunny!!!

It was an exciting day Easter. First of all the Easter Bunny came to our house! JD woke up to find his basket full of jelly bean eggs, a chocolate bunny, Reese's peanut butter eggs, peeps, and other Easter yummies! The first word that came from him that morning was,"egg". Thank you Easter Bunny for visiting our house. Oh and the bunny left me a note saying it was OK for Johnny and I to eat from Williams basket since he's a bit to small still. Johnny thanks him for that :).
The bunny also said in the note all of the eggs where hidden at Great Grandma Hanson house where JD would have to find them. So we emptied the chocolate from the basket and away we went. It was fun spending time with all of Johnny's family before his Aunt had to go back home to AZ. All of the kids waited in the garage for the hunt to begin. When JD laid eyes on the basketball he forgot what he was there for. He truly his is fathers son. After much forcing, Johnny was able to help him find about a dozen eggs before he gave up to play basketball with dad.
William and I followed JD and Johnny around during the hunt, but as soon as JD gave up we went inside to warm up since Washington Easters never seem to be sunny:(
Later we hopped into the car and headed to Gandma Hanson house. Aunt Kristy and Ryan announced they are getting married! We had a family home evening and played games. It was my first time playing Texas Hold'em and I WON!!!! Of course the girl from Texas should be the one to win :). It was a long Easter Sunday but one that will always be remembered! Oh and next year Easter Bunny could you leave a basket just for Johnny and I please? Thanks a bunch!
JD Loves his baby brother!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thank You Time!!!

I’m truly amazed at all the loving friends and family I have in my life. I want to send out a THANK YOU to every one I know and a few more “thank you” s I was pondering about today. First of all of the Sun! We don’t get to see him much but lately he’s been showing his face more. A special Thank You to my Dad for teaching me the love of gardening. With the Sun coming around more I get to go outside and play in the yard. One of my favorite smells is freshly mowed lawn. I remember one summer at our house in Tenino my daily chore was to pick a bucket full of weeds a day. At the time I hated it but now I love the look of fresh dug into dirt!
Next a special person who gave me her hardly used double stroller! Last year we went out to eat with her and her family and she was talking about a yard sale she was putting on. I’d been on Craig’s list looking for a cheap stroller since William was due in a few short months. When I asked her if she had one I was willing and ready to buy it from her. Instead she wouldn’t except the money and said she’d rather give it to someone she knew who would use it. Again thank you Mr. Sun for coming out so I can use my double stroller with both boys!

And to my Sister! I asked her if I could have her Hunger Games books and she gave them to me! She introduced me to them and I’ve read all three, twice since! Later this year their going to make it into a movie and I hope we get to see it together. Not only did she give me her books but a bunch of clothes for my boys. Her boys had out grown some and mine are the perfect size. Thank you so much Big Sis I Love YA!!!

And my Mom. She found me the best orange shoes ever!!! Orange is my favorite color. The best part is she found them at a yard sale and they just happened to be my size. Worn only once or twice in their lives they were calling out to my mom,” Buy us. Your Daughter will love us” . They now have great home with me. I’ll wear them many times over until I cant wear them no more.

And finally my Husband. Sadly he recently lost an Uncle close to him. In three days he put together an Amazingly beautiful video tribute of him and made copies for his family. Johnny had pictures and home movies and put them all to music. He did such a good job that I cried and I had barely knew his uncle. He will be missed greatly. Below is the link to view the video on Johnny's facebook. Thank You everyone who has touch my life and I send out I LOVE YOU to ya’ll!!/video/video.php?v=10150575214635078&comments

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You got a friend in me

Two little boys and one lonely frog equals a good time had in grandpa’s back yard. J.D. has a cousin who is only 8 weeks younger then him and already they are best friends. J.D. calls him Ad-der so of course that’s what I call him, though it’s not his real name. One week ago my poor mom thought it would be fun to have all 8 grandsons over for spring break. Little did she know that’s 8 boys 9 years old and younger. One crazy boy filled week. But before my Sisters three boys and two of my sister-in-law boys came there was just a day for the best friends Ad-der and J.D. These two little boys share everything. From cups to toys, and even a cold which later was passed to our entire family.

On this day my dad came home from work and mowed his yard. In the back yard he found a poor little frog jumping away for dear life. I just had to show the boys and the poor little thing kept them entertained for about half an hour. They were jumping with it and pointing and the only words that came to them where,” FROG”.  I was even able to put it in J.D. hand for about 2 min. Then it was time to say good-bye to the little frog and continue our game of football!

All of the cousins!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Potty, Bike, and Smiles!!!

So much to say about JD this time around! Today was the first time JD used the potty! Honestly, I think I just had him on the potty at the right time… still it’s a big step. He’s also starting to repeat his ABC’s with me. His favorite letters are C, F, L,O, R, X, Y, Z. Those letters he’ll say loud and proud! JD also has his first new bike. He hasn’t quite got the concept that he could use the peddles to make it go, so for now he just scoots around. Sometimes he’ll just sit on it, look up at me, and with a big smile say,”My BIKE”. If scratch thought she had it bad before now she has to hide and ran away from JD while he’s on his bike! Just one time and she’s already learned to RUN AWAY!

Poor Scratch had a bad day as well. When Johnny spent some time making a nice dinner and after it was all ready and he started to eat, Scratch knocked it off the table in hopes to eat it. Instead Scratch received a severe punishment from Johnny who was already in a bad mood… a trip to the shower followed by the dryer. Poor Scratch.
William has his bottom two teeth now. It’s hard to believe he’s 7 months old. His favorite game to play is peek-a-boo with his dad. He gets the biggest smile that goes along great with his big blue beautiful eyes. His smile warms my soul everyday. Williams not sleeping through the night yet, so still praying for that soon. If you look you can see those two bottom teeth! He's a cutie!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Family High Chair

Little Stephanie Suzanne

The high chair you see me in when I was a baby is the same one my boys use today. Their "Pooh-Paw" aka my dad/their grandpa kept it from when he was a little boy. He too used it when you was little but there are no pictures of him in the high chair. When I asked if I could use it for the boys he immediately went out to fix it up. He gave it a new fake leather backing and painted it black. I love family hand-me-downs. I think being the third and last born you get used to hand-me-downs from older sisters and brothers.  This is even more special to me because it was used by my dad as well. I can only hope one day one of my boys will want to use it for their little ones, cause it works just as good as the day my dad first used it. Three generations and counting! Oh and that is sweet potato all over William. He loves it!!!

Little William Brent

Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Bed To Unite Them

It’s amazing how two can not get along all day long but at night one thing unites them together. JD loves to terrorize the cat Scratch. The poor Kitty is 16 years old and hates kids and other animals. Who can blame her? Growing up with Johnny as an owner J Just kidding Johnny was and still is the best thing in Scratch’s life. About three weeks ago my wonderful sister gave us her old toddler bed. I put it together and right from the start it was a fight for who it really belongs too. JD thought it was his and Scratch thought different. It’s perfect for a poor old cat who has trouble jumping up on our bed. But after the first night they learned they both can use the bed and get along just fine. Since sleeping with Scratch, JD has not fallen out of bed. Now Scratch will sit outside his door till JD’s asleep, then Meow letting us know she’s ready to go snuggle with him and keep him safe and warm and they both love their new bed.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hair Cuts for ALL

I guess when one of us Hanson’s gets a hair cut we all do! This is the youngest 1st hair cut and his older bothers 2nd. Now my oldest looks even more like his dad! I cant believe how fast they grow. Today the youngest had baby food for his first time and he ate ¼ of it. Next week he’ll be 6 months. Now hopefully he’ll sleep throughout the night! Here’s wishing for it!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Welcome 2011

So it's a new year and time to start something new. I love reading my sister's blog so like the little sister I am always looking up to my older sister (or rather an inch or two down since I'm taller) thought maybe I'll try one too. My little family is growing and the boys do something new everyday it seems so I'm not saying I'll be on every day don't get me wrong but I'll try to keep things posted as best as I can! On the topic of my sister I must say I love her very much! I miss her dearly and love talking to her on the phone. I'm sure she knows but half the things I've done in my life are because I was following her. Volleyball my favorite thing to do is all because of her and drum major in band because hey she was one too. So wanting to be like her still I'm starting this blog! LOVE YA SIS!!!!!
I love my family very much. All three of my boys and our cat too. Like my sister for safety reasons I wont be naming names so I'll just have to come up with nicknames for them as I go along. We Hanson's are doing great and so far loving life and each other as much as we can. Having two little boys under the age of two can make me cranky for being so tired most the time but hubby dose a good job helping and putting up with me! So now I've got my first post saying I love my family and I'll hopefully see ya soon!