Monday, May 2, 2011


“Spider-JD, Spider-JD, Does what-ever a Spider can….” Not really but he sure thinks he can. Many may know how Spider-Man came to be but here’s the story of Spider-JD . JD started off the typical little boy. Running here and there, all around the house saying “catch me if you can..” Wait wrong story that’s frosty the snow man. Where was I oh yes Spider-JD. It really started for him before birth. Un-be-known to him, his father grew up loving Spider-Man. Still has a rather large collection of his comics to this day. So before JD could even say Spider-Man he was forced into the Spidey world. Naturally like his father he soon learned the joy of Spider-man!
Now JD needed “muscles” to fill out his outfit. The fastest way to build muscle was to walk the mean looking, giant of a beast by the name of Huck! Not really. Huck is a family friends dog who is the biggest softy ever. The gentle giant as he’s known. This picture was just to cute not to share.
Once JD fit into the costume the real struggle was getting him out. Now it’s not only getting him out but hiding it so he doesn’t wear it all the time. Oh and last little Spider-JD note once he’s in the outfit all he wants to hear is the spider man song over, and over. So if ever you find your way in a sticky spot,” Watch out! Here comes the Spider-JD”

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