Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You got a friend in me

Two little boys and one lonely frog equals a good time had in grandpa’s back yard. J.D. has a cousin who is only 8 weeks younger then him and already they are best friends. J.D. calls him Ad-der so of course that’s what I call him, though it’s not his real name. One week ago my poor mom thought it would be fun to have all 8 grandsons over for spring break. Little did she know that’s 8 boys 9 years old and younger. One crazy boy filled week. But before my Sisters three boys and two of my sister-in-law boys came there was just a day for the best friends Ad-der and J.D. These two little boys share everything. From cups to toys, and even a cold which later was passed to our entire family.

On this day my dad came home from work and mowed his yard. In the back yard he found a poor little frog jumping away for dear life. I just had to show the boys and the poor little thing kept them entertained for about half an hour. They were jumping with it and pointing and the only words that came to them where,” FROG”.  I was even able to put it in J.D. hand for about 2 min. Then it was time to say good-bye to the little frog and continue our game of football!

All of the cousins!

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  1. We have the cutest family of boys. Ad-der misses JD too. We'll be back this Friday. You've got to come visit. Also 8 boys 9 and under makes for the best adventures :D