Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thank You Time!!!

I’m truly amazed at all the loving friends and family I have in my life. I want to send out a THANK YOU to every one I know and a few more “thank you” s I was pondering about today. First of all of the Sun! We don’t get to see him much but lately he’s been showing his face more. A special Thank You to my Dad for teaching me the love of gardening. With the Sun coming around more I get to go outside and play in the yard. One of my favorite smells is freshly mowed lawn. I remember one summer at our house in Tenino my daily chore was to pick a bucket full of weeds a day. At the time I hated it but now I love the look of fresh dug into dirt!
Next a special person who gave me her hardly used double stroller! Last year we went out to eat with her and her family and she was talking about a yard sale she was putting on. I’d been on Craig’s list looking for a cheap stroller since William was due in a few short months. When I asked her if she had one I was willing and ready to buy it from her. Instead she wouldn’t except the money and said she’d rather give it to someone she knew who would use it. Again thank you Mr. Sun for coming out so I can use my double stroller with both boys!

And to my Sister! I asked her if I could have her Hunger Games books and she gave them to me! She introduced me to them and I’ve read all three, twice since! Later this year their going to make it into a movie and I hope we get to see it together. Not only did she give me her books but a bunch of clothes for my boys. Her boys had out grown some and mine are the perfect size. Thank you so much Big Sis I Love YA!!!

And my Mom. She found me the best orange shoes ever!!! Orange is my favorite color. The best part is she found them at a yard sale and they just happened to be my size. Worn only once or twice in their lives they were calling out to my mom,” Buy us. Your Daughter will love us” . They now have great home with me. I’ll wear them many times over until I cant wear them no more.

And finally my Husband. Sadly he recently lost an Uncle close to him. In three days he put together an Amazingly beautiful video tribute of him and made copies for his family. Johnny had pictures and home movies and put them all to music. He did such a good job that I cried and I had barely knew his uncle. He will be missed greatly. Below is the link to view the video on Johnny's facebook. Thank You everyone who has touch my life and I send out I LOVE YOU to ya’ll!


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