Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Potty, Bike, and Smiles!!!

So much to say about JD this time around! Today was the first time JD used the potty! Honestly, I think I just had him on the potty at the right time… still it’s a big step. He’s also starting to repeat his ABC’s with me. His favorite letters are C, F, L,O, R, X, Y, Z. Those letters he’ll say loud and proud! JD also has his first new bike. He hasn’t quite got the concept that he could use the peddles to make it go, so for now he just scoots around. Sometimes he’ll just sit on it, look up at me, and with a big smile say,”My BIKE”. If scratch thought she had it bad before now she has to hide and ran away from JD while he’s on his bike! Just one time and she’s already learned to RUN AWAY!

Poor Scratch had a bad day as well. When Johnny spent some time making a nice dinner and after it was all ready and he started to eat, Scratch knocked it off the table in hopes to eat it. Instead Scratch received a severe punishment from Johnny who was already in a bad mood… a trip to the shower followed by the dryer. Poor Scratch.
William has his bottom two teeth now. It’s hard to believe he’s 7 months old. His favorite game to play is peek-a-boo with his dad. He gets the biggest smile that goes along great with his big blue beautiful eyes. His smile warms my soul everyday. Williams not sleeping through the night yet, so still praying for that soon. If you look you can see those two bottom teeth! He's a cutie!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Family High Chair

Little Stephanie Suzanne

The high chair you see me in when I was a baby is the same one my boys use today. Their "Pooh-Paw" aka my dad/their grandpa kept it from when he was a little boy. He too used it when you was little but there are no pictures of him in the high chair. When I asked if I could use it for the boys he immediately went out to fix it up. He gave it a new fake leather backing and painted it black. I love family hand-me-downs. I think being the third and last born you get used to hand-me-downs from older sisters and brothers.  This is even more special to me because it was used by my dad as well. I can only hope one day one of my boys will want to use it for their little ones, cause it works just as good as the day my dad first used it. Three generations and counting! Oh and that is sweet potato all over William. He loves it!!!

Little William Brent