Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Bed To Unite Them

It’s amazing how two can not get along all day long but at night one thing unites them together. JD loves to terrorize the cat Scratch. The poor Kitty is 16 years old and hates kids and other animals. Who can blame her? Growing up with Johnny as an owner J Just kidding Johnny was and still is the best thing in Scratch’s life. About three weeks ago my wonderful sister gave us her old toddler bed. I put it together and right from the start it was a fight for who it really belongs too. JD thought it was his and Scratch thought different. It’s perfect for a poor old cat who has trouble jumping up on our bed. But after the first night they learned they both can use the bed and get along just fine. Since sleeping with Scratch, JD has not fallen out of bed. Now Scratch will sit outside his door till JD’s asleep, then Meow letting us know she’s ready to go snuggle with him and keep him safe and warm and they both love their new bed.