Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Family High Chair

Little Stephanie Suzanne

The high chair you see me in when I was a baby is the same one my boys use today. Their "Pooh-Paw" aka my dad/their grandpa kept it from when he was a little boy. He too used it when you was little but there are no pictures of him in the high chair. When I asked if I could use it for the boys he immediately went out to fix it up. He gave it a new fake leather backing and painted it black. I love family hand-me-downs. I think being the third and last born you get used to hand-me-downs from older sisters and brothers.  This is even more special to me because it was used by my dad as well. I can only hope one day one of my boys will want to use it for their little ones, cause it works just as good as the day my dad first used it. Three generations and counting! Oh and that is sweet potato all over William. He loves it!!!

Little William Brent

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