Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crash Hansons'

Our poor boysL They really don’t stand a chance with us two accident prone parents. I’ll start the stories behind my scars then Johnny’s. The first one I got I don’t remember cause I was just a toddler. I was dancing around our house in Texas when I clipped my forehead on a door knob. It was just my dad watching me while the BYU football game was on. When I went crying for help he picked me up, held me, and let me cry it out till I fell asleep. Later when mom came home she saw a lot of blood on my dad’s shirt. Opps. Then when I was five I was in our neighbors back yard tree. Lets just say it’s not a good idea to get out of a tree head first. Luckily I held my arms out to save my head but ended up braking both arms. Even at five I knew how to work it. I had bright neon pink casts and I asked my dad for two cookies for a little girl with two broken armsJ . Later that same year I thought it would be fun to sit on the arm of a chair but the chair had other plans. It tip over and I fell bottom first through our glass window. Because it was Memorial day weekend the ER was so busy they had to operate on me on a stretcher in the hall. I remember grapping my moms necklace pulling her down to me and screaming in her ear. Sorry Mom. So a got a bunch of neon blue stitches and to this day still have a huge scar on my right butt cheek. One of my nick names became Crash Jacobs!

Like all kids in middle school I was being dumb running around the band room (actually I was running after a boy) and in mid chase he pushed a band stand right into my upper lip. I remember trying to be brave but it hurt so bad. I tried hiding it at first but when my friends kept asking me they took one look and the rushed me into the nurses office, called mom and off to the doctor I went again to get stitches. Now there’s a scar in-between my upper lip and nose. Then SR year in high school I can now say I’ve lived through a train accident. I was the passenger in my ex-boyfriends truck driving to his house after school. Out on Tilly road in Tenino there are train tracks that until that day I had never seen a train use them ever. There weren’t even arms to come down to warn us. There are now. I remember yelling, ”TRAIN”, pushing my ex back into his seat with my left arm, sliding into the moving train, and then I black out for about 1 or 2 min. The train was coming from my direction so if we where there a sec or two sooner it would have hit me and I wouldn’t be hear. There’s lot’s more to this story but that’s for some other time. Or I can tell you if you’d like, just send me a message. No scares, just memories. Oh and it was my first time in the back of an ambulance.

Now onto Johnny. Last weekend I found out he’s the only one in his family to get stitches and be in the back of an ambulance. His first scar was when he was 9 and he tried to balance on a garden bed wall and walk at the same time. Something happened and he fell and a stick went right through his right cheek. In one side out the other. If you look in pictures it looks like when he’s smiling there’s a dimple on his right cheek when really it’s the scare from the stick. We call it his permanent dimple. Then when he was 19 a few days before he was leaving for his mission like all older brothers was giving his little sister Kristy a hard time. Just picking on her of course. I think he was calling her pie sniffer. She yelled out,” I hope you die” of course not really meaning it. Later that night when Johnny was eating chicken he choked on some. It was stuck in his throat and he had to take the ambulance to the ER. They had to go down into his throat to remove it. To this day he was trouble eating dry meat. We’ve been to the ER once when he choked on a corn dog during lunch at work.

In his sophomore year at college while on the basketball team I was sitting there watching my starter husband play when some guy on the other team came down and elbowed him right on top of his head. He turned so the back of his head was facing the crowd when you heard a bunch of “HUHHH”’s and He’s bleeding. I’ve never seen so much blood. He placed his hand on his head and left a print of his hand. I got to drive him to the ER where they stapled his head. That same year at a weekend tournament he again got elbowed in-between the eyes and the ref called a foul on Johnny. Really? He’s again bleeding all over and he got the foul? He didn’t get stitches but looking back he should have. Oh and lets not forget that neither of us should ever play a sport without on ankle brace since those always are getting sprained.

So it’s no wonder that JD already has a scare on his ankle from my foot scrubber in the bath, and one under his eye. Oh and the fact that every week he’s got a new scab somewhere. Poor kid L Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to out do Mom and Dad in accident stories.
Me with my broken arms!

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  1. Wow, I would say you are both very lucky people! I bet your kids end up with you luck genes too, getting out of all those scrapes with a story to tell!